Business Consulting Services for potential clients

Consulting projects from Frank Pucelik present the most complex and effective solutions for the client. The first stage of any is a professional business evaluation which normally takes 2 to 4 days and includes interviews with employees on different levels of hierarchy and in different departments of your Company. Mr. Pucelik also holds discussions with the leaders of the company.

Tour around the company is followed by the interviews and discussions with the leaders and the final meeting with the goal of discussing preliminary conclusions reached by Pucelik Consulting Group (PCG) evaluation team. At this meeting the sides agree upon the date for a written report to be provided by evaluation team.

This report contains full description of the current state of the company, highlights all problem areas in accordance with the scope of influence they have on business productivity. Report includes the list of recommendations for dealing with existing problems as well as suggestions about development program which is vital for increasing work efficiency within a company.

Currently we offer 4 groups of consulting programs:

“Education center”. After evaluating customer company “Pucelik Consulting Group” becomes an education center for the client and provides high-quality education following specific needs of organization;

“Establishing HR-department”. Over the period of its engagement, ‘Pucelik Consulting Group” secures proper functioning of the HR-department in completing tasks of the client-company. Also, employees are trained to enable functioning of their own HR-department by the end of the program;

“Complex education and development”. After evaluating client company “Pucelik Consulting Group” launches a complex program that includes interacting with the leaders of organization, practicing business procedures and professional business communication and professional using of motive structures;

“Specially developed programs”.