Family Systems

This training program combines “Conjoint Family Therapy” by Virginia Satir, “Gestalt” model, “Ericsson Hypnosis” and NLP skills. This combination makes it possible to practice all the strategies worked out by Virginia Satir, Fritz Pearls, Milton Ericsson and many other communication magicians.

During this two-day seminar, we shall discuss effective communication models of normal healthy families and practice skills acquired to adapt our own communication to these models.

The program is compiled for business people who devote much time and effort to creating successful future for their company and families. Quality of their life often depends on their ability to concentrate and skills of interaction with relatives in their daily life. The aim of this seminar is to study skills helpful in making today as valuable as tomorrow for which we work so hard.

Fast life pace can cause destructive stress to our families. We have to be aware of this process and to be able to notice all smallest crucial details maintaining our family life, providing comfortable future to our relatives. We have to be sure we do not harm or hurt our nearest people by chance. Today’s world is dangerous for our children due to constant changes. On the seminar you will find out what dangers they face each day, how to recognize troublous symptoms and prevent damage caused by present life difficulties.

Each participant is offered:

Tutorial handouts.

Certificate of training accomplishment.