Classic NLP

NLP practice contains many key models. These models are the basis for everything else. You can learn these models and implement them. Learn to live in accordance to the processes you acknowledge. Using NLP or any other aid-model means having a certain idea of life and health. What are these beliefs, how do you interpret and implement them? Take part in working out skills, breaking destructive beliefs and building up constructive ones through the theory and experience of NLP.

Main tasks of the training:

Meta Model. (Language patterns, demonstrating abnormal psychology process)

Representative systems. (Widespread mental models and mental rules based upon perception)

Sensory perception. (Training perception sharpness and observation skills)

Accessing cues. (Systematic non-verbal behavior patterns defining mental models)

«Anchoring». (Ability to use variety of cues for skillful control of inner states and processes of people)

Pacing and leading. (Skills necessary to sustain changes or growth in communicational systems based on rapport)

Learning ladder. (Functions, steps and criteria of change process based on rapport)

Cybernetic systems rules. (Clear understanding of cybernetic systems and ability to use natural needs and processes of change)

9 main beliefs. (Beliefs being inner directing principles of NLP)

Power dynamics. (Describing personal and appointed authority and interaction between power and people’s behaviors, emotions, relations and cognitive processes)

Language models of brain hemispheres. (Language models of unconscious - identified and practiced.)

Logical levels. (Ability to define differences between logical levels and types in efficient communication processes while identifying problems)

Psychological homeostasis. (How to understand principals of natural recovery of a human's soul and make sure changes done correlate with these principals)

Unconscious cues. (Ability to understand and use unconscious signals)

System of beliefs. (Ability to combine inner processes in order to create vivid systems of critical and problematic states)

All above-mentioned topics are learned and practiced as part of intensive training program. This program aims at working out skills necessary for developing high-level NLP.

Each participant is offered:

Tutorial handouts.

Certificate of training accomplishment.