Psychological Trainings

In his psychological trainings Frank Pucelik brings along his huge experience in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. Together with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Mr. Pucelik is one of the founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a distinguished psychologist and family psychotherapist Mr. Pucelik developed one of the most effective rehabilitation programs for drug addicts, which was acknowledged by the US Government and is being developed in Russia and Ukraine now.

More than 15 years of academic and practical experience in the field of psychology and studies in human excellence (Institute of transactional analysis, University of California, University of Oklahoma) proved valuable in compiling a set of tools that Mr. Pucelik honed to perfection and is successfully using as a psychologist and a trainer.

In practice Mr. Pucelik formed one of the main principles of his approach: “Most psychologists choose some particular form of psychotherapy and stick to it only. However, each family and each patient is unique, having to deal with unique sort of problems. If I’m really a good psychotherapist, I wouldn’t adjust my own working styles to the family or individual, instead I’ll just create a brand new style that would be perfectly fitting to a given situation. Many psychologists on the contrary “adjust” the family to their situation and fail as a result of it”.

A cycle of psychological trainings conducted by Frank Pucelik, has been in use for a long time in practical and educational works and includes the following directions:

Classic NLP techniques

Family therapy

Therapeutic metaphors

Training for NLP trainers (including “Working with a difficult audience”)

Dissociated State Therapy

This is an extended set of tools that enables practicing psychologists, trainers and consultants to assess current needs of their clients quickly and accurately, be flexible in adjust working methods for each patient individually and achieve effective results in therapy and training.

Being the basis for exploring human excellence, NLP allows using most effective and successful methods tested by the leading psychotherapists and consultants in different situations and for different audiences.