Business Trainings

Training programs developed by Frank Pucelik are the core of all consulting products that Pucelik Consulting Group has to offer. Many years of experience and continuous search resulted in creation of a unique educational cycle that can raise staff efficiency, increase productivity and enhance leadership and personality qualities. The most significant and powerful technologies, that proved worthwhile over time and in different conditions, are adaptable to the needs of a particular customer and make up an educational cycle of four trainings

Power. Management. Leadership

Organizational Management.Secrets of Success

Models of Human Motivation

Professional Communication

These trainings form one educational cycle, the so called “full training program of a competitive business” where the first in the series serve the foundation for the others.

The goal of this cycle is to gain momentum and increase company efficiency, providing answers for the following questions:

What skills and behaviors are necessary to increase efficiency of an organization on an open market?

How can you enhance interaction within an organization applying standard and high-quality procedures?

What is the strongest motive for an individual in an environment of a highly competitive organization with effective procedures and how can you benefit from it?

How can you distribute information effectively, based on the understanding of communication process in a competitive organization that follows procedures and uses most influential motives?

This business cycle may be accompanied with “Team building. Ropes course” program.