How to Become a Millionaire

Riga: an American Frank Pucelik is ready to teach Rigans to use their own thought processes for their benefit. This refers to the basic model of human motivation and a kind of magic, which still lingers round NLP. Each of us could give a lecture about motivation - if provided a hint on the direction to move. When a person comes to an interview in search of job, he has a certain motivation. But he must understand what the motivation of the secretary of his potential boss is – the motivation of the boss himself - the motivation of organizations cooperating with the company. Thus, a person can choose behavior strategy acceptable for everybody. Every one can recall thousands of times when he had to reckon with opinions of other people - employer, wife, husband, mother-in-law, children - and 999 times of this thousand were failures. Therefore, you need qualified assistance. Pucelik is the Professor of Interpersonal Relationships department of Oklahoma University and one of the founders of NLP – neuro-linguistic programming. First of all, let’s calm down - this is not a way of manipulating human beings, but merely a means of support. And Mr. Pucelik is not a magician, but an expert on «mysterious Russian soul». He has been working with Russian scientists since 1988, later on he has started training businessmen, large companies and groups invite him as business consultant, his knowledge is worth its weight in gold, even though sometimes the skill is only to tell the boss the harsh truth. Once Mr. Pucelik was invited to find out why the company’s development stopped and his diagnosis was severe: owner’s slackness. It caused a range of problems. Interestingly, he was right. There was another case: production started to flourish once they started to clean floors in the workshops more carefully on Mr. Pucelik’s advice. Now Mr. Pucelik cooperates with the Riga School of practical psychology. He will present his author's program «Models of Human Motivation» and intends to turn the participants of an intense four-weekend seminar into successful businessmen. He wants to teach them to correctly understand and use negative and positive power, «growth ladder», to transfer information from one motivation language into another to achieve maximum productivity; during the seminar certain “stars of big business” will serve the examples of successful activity. This performance will not be a barren theory - rather a one-man show - Hollywood has lost a lot in the person of Frank Pucelik. If his group exercises are just as fun and artistic, this will not be a seminar, but a holiday. A holiday with far-reaching effect.

NA “Alliance Media” at the information of “The Hour” (Latvia)